SAMSUNG BN91-17814W TV One Connect Box


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Note: Please contact us if you are not sure if this will work with your model.
The BN91-17814W support various KS models ranging in from 55" ~ 88".
The BN91-17814W and BN91-17814A are not alternative/substitution parts. 
This Genuine SAMSUNG BN91-17814W One Connect Fixing Jackpack fits the following TV model numbers.
UN55KS8000F UN60KS800DF UN65KS950DF
UN55KS800DF UN65KS8000F UN65KS9800F
UN55KS8500F UN65KS800DF UN75KS9000F
UN55KS850DF UN65KS8500F UN75KS900DF
UN55KS9000F UN65KS850DF UN78KS9500F
UN55KS9500F UN65KS9000F UN78KS9800F
UN60KS7900F UN65KS900DF UN88KS9810F
UN60KS8000F UN65KS9500F