SAMSUNG DC97-15491A Washing Machine Flange Shaft


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This Genuine SAMSUNG DC97-15491A Washing Machine Flange Shaft fits the following model numbers.
Drum shaft assembly DC97-15491A connects the spin basket to the drive motor to spin the basket.
592-49065 592-495070 WF350ANW/XAA
592-49069 WF330ANB/XAA WF407ANW/XAA
592-49075 WF330ANW/XAA WF409ANR/XAA
592-49079 WF330ANW/XAC WF409ANW/XAA
592-49082 WF331ANR/XAA WF409SNL/XAC
592-49087 WF331ANW/XAA WF410ANR/XAA
592-49127 WF340ANG/XAC WF410ANW/XAA
592-49145 WF340ANR/XAC WF410ANW/XAC
592-49147 WF350ANG/XAC WF419AAS/XAC
592-49155 WF350ANP/XAA WF419AAU/XAA
592-49157 WF350ANR/XAA WF419AAW/XAA
592-49182 WF350ANR/XAC  



Please make sure to order the Hex Bolts DC60-40137A in conjunction with the Flange Shaft.