GARP W10258275 Dishwasher Fuse Kit

GARP W10258275 Dishwasher Fuse Kit


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Created by Mr. Patel in Iselin, NJ in 2013 each Guaranteed Appliance Replacement Parts, also known as GARP is designed and developed in New Jersey. After careful research, each part is meticulously manufactured in China and inspected for quality and tested prior to packaging. Once the part arrives in our facility, each is inspected once again and finally placed for sale. We pride ourselves in making sure we sell only the highest quality of appliance parts.

GARP products offer a lifetime exchange warranty and are sold through major retailers across the world.

You are purchasing a GARP W10258275 Dishwasher Fuse Kit

Replaces part numbers:

661613 W10136048 W10344801