How it works


How to use Homping Grill

1 Insert the batteries (AA x 4) into the battery compartment on the bottom of the Main Body.
2 Switch on the fan in the Main Body by turning the Fire Control Switch clockwise to maximum.
3 Place some Charcoal into the Charcoal Container.
4 Squeeze the Ignition Gel into the Charcoal Container Support module (about 0.68 Fluid oz per time). Then place the Charcoal Container Support onto the middle of the Main Body.
5 Using the Lighter, light a fire on the Ignition Gel in the Charcoal Container Support.
6 Using the safety tong, place the Charcoal Container onto the fire in the Charcoal Container Support.
7 Install the Upper Body (Oil Collector) and then the Grill Plate onto the Main Body.
8 Regulate the flame by rotating the fire control switch left or right during cooking.