Samsung AA59-00777A Smart Touch Remote Control


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The Samsung Smart Touch Remote AA59-00777A is compatible with the following remote controls and TV models

Replaces the Following Remote Controls:

AA59-00758A BN59-01181J BN59-01185F
AA59-00758B BN59-01181K BN59-01185H
AA59-00764A BN59-01182B BN59-01185J
AA59-00764B BN59-01184A BN59-01185R
AA59-00766A BN59-01184B BN59-01185S
AA59-00840A BN59-01184G BN94-07554A
AA59-00844A BN59-01184H BN98-04485A
BN59-01181A BN59-01184J BN98-04982A
BN59-01181B BN59-01184P BN98-05014A
BN59-01181F BN59-01185A BN98-05523A
BN59-01181H BN59-01185B AA59-00772A


Compatible with the Following Plasma & LCD TVs:

PN51F5500AF UN50F6400AF UN60F7100AF
PN60F5500AF UN50F6800AF UN65F6400AF
PN64F5500AF UN55F6400AF UN65F7050AF
SEK-1000/ZA UN55F6800AF UN65F7100AF
UN40F6400AF UN55F7050AF UN75F6400AF
UN46F6400AF UN55F7100AF UN75F6400CF
UN46F6800AF UN60F6400AF UN75F7100AF
UN46F7100AF UN60F7050AF