Face Mask 4-Layered Filtration, Made In KOREA 10 Pack


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   Protect yourself from bacteria, viruses, dust, harmful gases, pollen, etc. with the 4 layered filter face mask. Individually packaged to prevent contamination from unwashed hands and surfaces. Soft and easy to breathe in. The wire support above the nose assures for perfect fit and prevents fogging up glasses. 


The date printed on the package is the production date, not the expiration date. 

* No Returns for Face Mask due to the current unprecedented situation. We cannot accept any returns or exchanges on masks.
*** This mask is not intended to replace and/or be used as a medical grade mask.



Q. Is this an N95 mask?

A. This mask is not under any regulatory standards, such as N95 (USA), FFP2 (Europe), KN95 (China), or KF94 (Korea), which claim compliance with particular requirements. But it does effectively protect you. The
 4-layered filter securely shields harmful substances such as germs, hazardous gases, viruses, dust, etc. thus ensuring that you keep yourself and others safe. This mask has gone through many tests and different versions to ensure secure and efficacious protection. 
Please follow CDC's guidelines on coronavirus for more secure protection.

Q. Is this a disposable mask? If not, can I reuse it multiple times?

A. Yes, it is a disposable mask.  Reusing this mask is not ideal. But you can reuse it under some conditions. Please follow the CDC's FFR guidelines.

Q. What is the expiration of the mask?

A. These masks expires 36 months after the production date. Each mask comes with its own production date printed on the backside of the package. For example, if it's printed as '2020. 04. 04', the production date is April 4th, 2020 and it will expire on April 3rd, 2023.